Why High Intensity Laser Therapy Is Used?

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We are living in the times where we have been introduced with the utmost forms of technology and inventions. These inventions have helped man in every sphere of life. They have made man’s life much easier and faster than ever before. Even though some side effects also came along with these discoveries but they are nothing as compared to the benefits that these inventions have provided man with. Every field of life has progressed and evolved due to the various discoveries of science. One such field is the field of medicine. The progress that has taken place in the field of medicine has given hope to man so that he can live his life to the fullest. All treatments are carried out by the help of scientific inventions. However, we will be specifically talking about the high intensity laser therapy.


Physiotherapy is the field of medicine in which the pain or deformity of different parts of the body are treated externally and without the use of any surgery or medications. Oil treatment, massaging, laser treatments, enabling to exercise and other such treatments come under the category of physiotherapy. As the term “physiotherapy” implies that it is the therapy or treatment that is carried out physically or externally without having to take medication or have surgery. Laser therapy is also a kind of physiotherapy in which laser rays are used to relieve the pain. It is divided into two types; low intensity laser therapy and high intensity laser therapy.

High intensity laser therapy:

High intensity laser therapy is the form of therapy in which high intensity of laser is used to relive the pain of muscles, sciatica problems, inflammation or any other kind of external deformation. The intensity of laser is high enough to penetrate through the deep tissues of the skin and increase the blood flow in veins. Hence, it relieves the muscular pain or inflammation. However, one thing that must be kept in mind is that the intensity of high intensity laser therapy is not too high so that it won’t be able to cause any harm to skin cells. Moreover, it does not release any heat or vibratory effects.

People are often scared from getting high intensity laser therapy thinking that it might result into some after effects but that is not the case. This therapy is one of the best therapies that are used for relieving pain or any other muscular deformation that too in reasonable rates and within short span of time.


High intensity laser therapy is the type of laser therapy in which high intensity of rays is used to relieve the pains of muscle or any other external deformation. It is one of the most recommended therapies as it does not cause any harmful side effects neither is it too costly. Moreover, it gives immediate relief from the constant pains. “Be pain free” offers the best services of high intensity laser treatment.